ROMTech - Mobile/Tablet Application - Orthopedic Rehabilitation

ROM Technologies, Inc. (ROMTech) has developed, patented, and launched the groundbreaking ROMTech Rehab System, a revolutionary technology and protocol for the rehabilitation of knees and hips. ROMTech's product ecosystem consists of three main remotely monitored devices which utilize a tablet based interface.

As the lead of all things UI/UX at ROMTech, I was tasked with designing as well as development of the third generation of ROMTech's patient application which not only provides patients with a easy-to-use tablet based application but it also allows clinicians to monitor patient progress in real-time via a clinician portal that directly interfaces with the patient application. 

Date: November 2020 / Client: ROM Technologies (ROMTech) / Role: Manager of Creative and Software Development / URL: /